MYON- Albion (PERICLES Tribal Stomp rmx)

Presenting the latest from my studio: a free DL of a special remix I have been playing with since October 2013!

I was on tour in the southeast just about all of October 2013. While cruising from the very magical southern burn Alchemy in north GA back to ATL, I came across this beautiful vocal trance track by MYON from 2011 called ‘Albion’. I fell in love with the mystical qualities of the vocal section and went to werq in the studio to create a ‘Tribal Stomp’ remix. This quickly became a favorite in the live sets to old friends and new fans alike, so I thought I’d release to all y’all upon my 29th bday!

Enjoy, and please share <3 ~ Ella Mastered by KRI in Asheville, NC at AudioValve Mastering > > >…/123338014353105

Original track purchase link:


Two Waterfalls (Free DL)

A brand new piece of Tribal Psy Stomp from the Ancient Desert!

This track first originated as ‘Furthur Cave Truths’ in 2010 and was intended to appear on my debut album Camel Rider. It became a B Side and remained a favorite of close friends who I shared it with as well as a regular theme in the live set. I kept playing with these sounds over the years and finding new arrangements, with the latest experimentation being the ‘2013 mix’ that appeared in ‘Oceanic Pathways’, a mix I created for Next Level Radio on GlitchFM.

I decided to release this new iteration titled ‘Two Waterfalls’ as a free DL for all my friends and fans out there who have been showing more and more love, enthusiasm, and support! Thanks y’all!!

If you’re in the south, come see me this weekend ~ and I’ll be back in Cali for some great shows at the end of the month:

Thursday 3/13: One Stop / Asheville

Friday 3/14: The Basement / ATL

Saturday 3/22: Private Party / West Oakland

Friday 3/28: Serenity Gathering / Santa Barbara

Friday 4/11: Midtown Barfly / Sacramento

((( track mastered by KRI at AudioValve )))


Pericles New Album ‘Serpentine’ out now on Street Ritual

A142050_Serpentine_Serpent‘Serpentine’ out now on Street Ritual is an offering of the very latest transmissions of‘Ancient Desert’, the signature Future Bass Music style of Pericles.

With roots reaching deep into ancient tribal ceremony, and traveling deeper yet into the primordial ooze of Pre-Cambrian consciousness, ‘Serpentine’ is a sharing of subsonic mythology from a unique mystical world imagined by Pericles.


Official Press Release: