Pericles New Album ‘Serpentine’ out now on Street Ritual

A142050_Serpentine_Serpent‘Serpentine’ out now on Street Ritual is an offering of the very latest transmissions of‘Ancient Desert’, the signature Future Bass Music style of Pericles.

With roots reaching deep into ancient tribal ceremony, and traveling deeper yet into the primordial ooze of Pre-Cambrian consciousness, ‘Serpentine’ is a sharing of subsonic mythology from a unique mystical world imagined by Pericles.


Official Press Release:


Pericles- ‘Rise of the Jellyfish’ write up on The Untz

untz“Straight off his freshest release, Ancient DesertPericles invites bass lovers on a journey in “Rise of the Jellyfish.” This track can best be described as a hybrid that bridges the gap between glitch-hop and dubstep, resulting in a sound that fits into Pericles’ crunked up style, but remains subtle in its nature. As a piece of Ancient Desert’s “mosaic storyboard” described by the artist himself, “Rise of the Jellyfish” serves as a danceable track that features unorthodox sound effects, melodious synth lines, and ever-present bass that keeps listeners on their feet.”


Pericles exclusive mix for Lost In Sound

Pericles Image“Crank up the volume for this Lost in Sound exclusive mix from the Charleston, SC producer PERICLES. Heavy hitting from the start and full of dance party energy, this mix is for the arm swinging two-steppers. PERICLES intertwines squishy, futuristic dubstep and crunk with outer space vibes and a touch of gangster status bedouin life. The concoction leads me to believe the samples were recorded in the midst of a gun fight on the planet Tatooine.”